Jacquelyn Coating

Jacquelyn (U.S. Patent #5,945,171) is a permanent metal coating that prevents zebra mussels and other biofouling. Because it does not rely on copper leach, it is both safe for the environment and long lasting, with a 15 year service life.


Jacquelyn Coating (U.S. Patent #5,945,171) is a permanent metal coating to prevent bio fouling. Jacquelyn is non-ablative and does not rely on copper leach. Because of this, Jacquelyn is a permanent solution. In bio fouling-infested waters, the Jacquelyn-coated object remains free of zebra mussel attachment.



Jacquelyn is safe for the environment.   It has been tested for copper leach in freshwater and seawater. Additionally, Jacquelyn is certified to  NSF Protocol 61 and determined that copper leach was found to be very low (0.003 ppb) or non-detectable. For details on testing, contact Elgin.



Jacquelyn is applied in a tough, thin layer.


  • Can be applied effectively with a total thickness of only 0.004 inch, allowing for its use on small slot intake screens without significantly diminishing the flow profile.

  • High adhesion values, making it optimal for application on a variety of materials.

Jacquelyn is an effective, safe, solution for bio fouling prevention at your site.

Case Studies

Coating for chiller strainer in the tropics


Bio fouling was an issue at an island resort. Elgin worked with the resort owner to retrofit his existing intake system (an offshore strainer) with a new passive screen system. Elgin worked with the site owner to develop a custom flow modifier within the system to ensure consistent flow, and to make the screens so they could be easily installed and removed. To address bio fouling concerns Elgin coated the screens with Jacquelyn Coating.

Coating for intake pipe at power plant


A power plant was retrofitting its cooling water intake system to comply with EPA Regulation 316(b). Concerns arose because the water body was infested with zebra mussels. In addition, the flow rate through the system was going to be decreased to a flow rate optimal for zebra mussel growth. The facility needed to maintain ample cooling water to avoid costly thermal discharge penalties or a system outage. Jacquelyn coating was used to address these concerns. Our team built the pipe and applied Jacquelyn coating to the ID of the pipe array. This application led to a significant reduction in capital cost over the use of exotic material such as 90-10 CuNi for the piping.

Coating for flat panel screens at hydro plant


A small hydroelectric plant in Montana was inundated with bio fouling problems. To protect their system, they retrofitted their existing structure with an array of flat panels coated with Jacquelyn coating. Elgin provided a solution that simply worked.

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