Flat Panel Screens

Elgin Water Solutions makes TIG-welded flat panel screens that are able to withstand extreme loads, adherent to precise tolerances, and versatile for a variety of screening applications.


The front line of Elgin’s intake screens is TIG welded wedge wire.  The result is a much stronger bond with the wedge wire when compared to resistance welding.  This gives the customer peace of mind knowing the screen openings will remain consistent for the life of the product.



Conforming to the specification is our first priority.  To do this, our screen openings must be accurate and stay accurate.  Our design team will ensure that your screen will conform to 316B regulations and our materials and fabrication processes will guarantee your screen conforms  throughout it’s service life.



Flat panel screens can fit into existing openings or can be supplied with guide rails to ensure smooth installation and serviceability over the life of the product.

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