Cylindrical Screens

Passive screens use a combination of physical and hydrodynamic exclusion so that the screens do not clog or kill fish.  The screens can include AirBurst systems to remove any debris, and a suite of other technologies to prevent ice, silting, and biofouling.



The front line of Elgin’s intake screen is TIG welded wedge wire.  TIG welding produces a stronger bond with the wedge wire than resistance welding. This provides security, knowing the structural integrity of the screen openings will remain consistent for the life of the product.



Passive intake screens have no moving  parts, allowing for efficient and effective fabrication.  This  gives the customer  confidence that the structure will not  wear out over time.



The first priority is accurate filtration.  Screen openings must be accurate and stay accurate. Our design team will ensure that your screen will con-form to 316B regulations and our ma-terials and fabrication processes will guarantee precision throughout its service life.



  • Screen sizing based on standard screen wedge wire width of 0.090” and 0.125” slot openings (58% open area) and max through slot velocity of 0.5 ft/s.
  • Additional wedge wire profiles and slot openings available to meet specific requirements .
  • Outlet sizes and diameter/length combinations can be tailored to each application.
  • AirBurst inlets shown for reference - size and orientation TBD based on site conditions.
  • Guide rail mounting options available.


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