AirBurst Screen Cleaning Systems

Designed to deliver a powerful burst of air to the screen to eliminate debris.  The system can include control system to detect clogging or can be simplified to allow for manual operation.

  • Custom arrangements can be configured for any series
  • Horizontal arrangements are not recommended for air receivers larger than 660 gallon
  • Compressor selection for AB-H series assumes 20 min max recharge time between bursts
  • Valve manifold arrangements and quantities vary depending on project (2 valves shown for reference) Control panel height varies based on complexity of function - smallest panel size shown

AirBurst Control Scheme

  • Standard packages include 480V input to control panel, but can be tailored to site supply conditions.

  • Event timer is preferred control method, but burst initiation by clogging measurement can be accommodated (differential pressure or water level).

  • Valves are pneumatically operated Filters and regulators used for control air system.

  • Trailer-mounted systems available.


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